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Major Vehicle Systems Supported

Main Battle Tank (MBT) and Medium Tanks

M4 Sherman Series: M4, M4-A1, M4-A2, M4-A3, M4-A4, M4-A5, M4-A6, M36-TD, M32-ARV, M74-ARV, M50, M51 (Israelian variant)

M47 Series

M48 Patton Series, including: M48, M48-A1, M48-A2, M48-A3, M48-A4, M48-A5, M48-AVLB

M60 Series, including: M60, M60-A1, M60-A3, M60-AVLB, M728-CEV

M1 Abrams, M1-A1, K-1 (Korean variant)

Reconnaissance Vehicles

M8 Series of Light Armored Cars

M20 Series of Light Armored Cars

Armored Personnel Carriers

M113 Series, including: M106, M106-A1, M106-A2, M113, M113-A1, M113-A2, M113-A3, M125 Mortar Carrier, M125-A1, M125-A2, M132 Flamethrower, M132-A1, M163 Vulcan, M548 Cargo Carrier, M548-A1, M577 Command Post, M577-A1, M577-A2, M667, XM-727, M730, M730-A1, M741, M741-E1, M806 Recovery Vehicle, M806-A1, M901 TOW, M901-A1, M981 FIST, M1059 Smoke Generator, NM-135 (Norwegian variant), Spz-63 (Swiss variant)

M59 Series of APC

AIFV Series, including: YPR-765 (Dutch variant), Lynx (Canadian variant), AIFV (Taiwanese variant), VCC-1 and 2 (Italian variants), KIFV (Korean variant)

M2/M3 Bradley Series, including M2/M3-A1 variant

M987 Fighting Vehicle System Carrier

Commando Series V100, V150, V300

V200 Chaimite (Portuguese variant)

M2/M3 Half-Track Series

          LAV100, 150 & 200 / AVT Dragoon

LVTP5 Series of Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAAV), including following variants: LVTP5-A1, LVTP6 (Taiwanese variant), LVTH6, LVTC5, LVTR1, LVTE1

LVTP7 Series, including LVTP7-A1 or AAV7-A1, LVTC7 or AAVC7A1, LVTR7 or AAVR7A1, LVTE7, LVTH7

Self-Propelled Howitzers

M110 Series of 203mm SPH, including M110-A1, M110-A2 variants

M107 175mm SPH

M109 Series of 155mm SPH, including M109-A1, M109-A2, M109-A3, M992 FAASV

M44 155mm SPH

M108 Series of 155mm SPH, including M108 CPV

M52 Series of 105mm SPH, including M52-A1

Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun & Missile System

M42 Twin 40mm SPAAGS, including M42-A2 and TOW variant

M48-A1 Chaparral, including M730, M730-A1 and A2 variants

M933 227mm MLRS

Armored Engineer Vehicles

M728 Combat Engineering Vehicle (M60 MBT variant)

M32-Armored Recovery Vehicle (M4 Sherman MBT variant)

M74-ARV (M4 Sherman MBT variant)

M88 ARV and A1 variant

M9 Earthmover Tractor

M578 Light ARV

V150 Commando ARV (V150 variant)

Armored Bridge Vehicles

M48 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges (AVLB)


Lightweight Vehicles

M38 Series of -ton Light Vehicle (4x4), including M38-A1 and M170 Ambulance

M151 Series of -ton Light Vehicle (4x4), including following variants: M151-A1, M151-A2, M107, M108, M718 Ambulance, M718-A1, M825 Tow, M201 Hotchkiss (French variant), M606, M606-A1, M606-A2, M606-A3

M37 Series of -ton Cargo Truck (4x4), including the following variants: M42 Command Post, M43 Ambulance and M201 Maintenance Truck

M715 Series of 1-ton Truck (4x4), including following variants: M725 Ambulance, M726 Maintenance and M142 Communications Shelter

M880 Series of 1-ton Truck Cargo (4x4 and 4x2), including following variants: M881, M882, M883 Communications Shelter, M884, M885, M890, M891, M892, M886 Ambulance, M893, M887 Maintenance, M888

M998 Series of 1-ton HMMWV (4x4), including all variants



M35 Series of 2-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M35-A2, M36, M36-A2, M48, M49 Fuel Tanker, M49-A2, M50 Water Tanker, M50-A3, M59 Dump Truck, M60 Light Wrecker, M108 Wrecker Crane, M109 Shop Van, M109-A3, M132 Medical, M185 Repair Van, M185-A3, M275 Tractor Truck, M275-A2, M342 Dump Truck, M342-A2, M756-A2 Pipeline Maintenance, M764 Maintenance Truck ; M35A3 (NEW 2 1/2 TON)

M211 Series of 2-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M215 Dump Truck, M217 Fuel Tank, M218 Light Wrecker, M220 Shop van, M221 Tractor Truck, M222 Water Tank, M135, M135CDN (Canadian variant)

M656 Series of 5-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M757, M791

M54 Series of 5-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M41, M51 Dump Truck, M52 Tractor Truck, M55, M62 Medium Wrecker, M64 Cargo Van, M246 Tractor Wrecker, M291 Expandable Van, M291-A1, M291-A2, M328 Bridging Stake, M328-A1, M328-A2, M543 Medium Wrecker, M543-A1, M543-A2, M748 Bolster, M748-A1, M748-A2, M139 Chassis

M809 Series of 5-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M813, M813-A1, M814 Long Cargo, M815 Bolster Truck, M816 Wrecker, M817 Dump, M818 Tractor, M819 Tractor Wrecker, M820 Expansible Van, M821 Bridge Transport

M939 Series of 5-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M924 Cargo, M929 Dump Truck, M831 Chassis, M939 Wrecker, M923 Cargo, M925, M926, M931 Tractor, M936 Recovery Vehicle, M927, M928, M930, M939, M934 Expandable Van, M935

M125 Series of 10-ton (6x6) Cargo Truck, including following variants: M122 Dump Truck, M123 Tractor Truck

M915 Series of Cargo Truck (8x6, 6x6, 6x4), including following variants: M915 Tractor Truck 14-ton, M915-A1, M916 Tractor Truck 20-ton, M917 Dump Truck 20-ton, M918 Bituminous, M919 Concrete, M920 Tractor Truck 20-ton

M553 Series of 10-ton (4x4) Truck Wrecker


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