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Since its beginning in 1951, SECO has specialized in the supply of spare parts and the rebuild and reset of US Military tactical vehicles supporting the needs of both the US Military and armed forces of foreign governments allied with the United States.

Whether it is a rebuilt or reset vehicle, the process at SECO delivers vehicles built to any configuration to meet virtually any mission requirement. The reset process combined with the reliability of the M44 series vehicles provides for continued logistics commonality.

SECOs reset process combined with proven reliability makes the M44 series the most economical choice of todays and tomorrows armed forces.

SECO offers upgrades to M44 series trucks including a more fuel efficient and cleaner burning diesel engine and optional braking systems.

SECOs rebuilt or reset M809 series vehicles set a higher standard in quality, performance, and reliability.

As is the case with our M44 series vehicles, our reset M809 series is offered with an optional new, more fuel efficient diesel engine being supportable both commercially and through the military supply systems.

SECO maintains one of the largest inventories of spare parts supporting many US manufactured wheeled and tracked vehicles, including the HMMWV.

SECO supports its customers, both commercial and military, with rebuilt and reset HMMWVs and is able to provide an existing fleet with all support from spare parts through a complete reset program either in country, or at its facilities.

SECOs experience in the rebuild and reset over the past 50 years provides its customers with the ability to support and reset many non-US Military Standard vehicles including the Commando V150, V300 and Scout.

SECO is a supplier of the US Army TACOM and other foreign governments for many spare parts for the family of Commando vehicles.

SECO serves the US and foreign defense forces with a complete range of spare parts and modernization kits for many tactical vehicles. Modernization and re-power kits are designed for both US and foreign military vehicles. SECO is able to establish, train, and support in-country tactical and armored vehicle re-manufacturing, as well as modernization and overhaul programs.

SECOs reset modernization and overhaul programs provide for:

Through adherence to the U.S. military quality control standards, SECO is able to guarantee a consistency in quality throughout a program whether it is at SECOs facilities or in-country joint venture and technology transfer requirements.